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SA-pandion-2 news  

SA saxo 50 is the new topmodel i SA saxo series


A powerful topmodel


SA saxo 50 deliver amazing sound quality for the economically concerned film- and music lover.
SA-saxo 50HGW         SA-saxo 50HGB  

SA saxo 50 is the new topmodel i SA saxo series


A powerful topmodel


SA saxo 50 deliver amazing sound quality for the economically concerned film- and music lover.

SA mantra 50 Bedste Køb logo


SA mantra 50 .... BEST BUY!

"One of the most complete loudspeakers we have heard under 2.100.- Euro".
The words belong to the Norwegian test magazine, Lyd & Bilde.


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SA-aura-1-canadahifi com  

review SA aura 1 in canadahifi.com


"The Aura 1 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It truly surprised me in terms of the sheer size and body of the sound that it was able to command"


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SA-mantra-70-test-Watt Magazine Norway  

SA mantra 70 review from Norway

"It really plays music, making all kinds of music a pleasure to listen to"


read about SA mantra 70

SA-saxo-8-test Norway  
SA saxo 8 review from Norway
"Compact in shape, big on sound"


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SA-mantra-70-test Norway  
SA mantra 70 review from Norway


read about SA mantra 70


We present four new speakers:


SA mantra 70:

Come closer to the music. It is our mantra


SA aura 70:

new 70 model with a strong aura


SA mantra 50:

our best 50 model, ever!


SA aura 50:

amazing sound will grab you


SA mantra 60 review from Finland


"Musical furniture"


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read about SA mantra 60


SA aura 1 reveiw from Canada




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read about SA aura 1


Norwegian reveiw of SA saxo 30


"Faster than his shadow"


read reveiw

The Swedish magazine Hifi & Musik compared compact speakers from Dali, Argon, Yamaha, Dynavoice, Wharfedale, Boston Acoustics, Heco and SA. SA saxo 1 came out on top.

Dutch test of SA aura 1


SA saxo sub 10, new active subwoofer:


energy and power for your music and movies


Use SA saxo sub 10 when you want a sense of energy and deep bass to your music or the soundtrack on your movies


SA saxo 8, new universal loudspeaker:


cool on-wall speaker that can be placed on a shelf


Place it on a shelf or hang it on the wall. With its simple design and compelling sound, SA saxo 8 will give you new opportunities to experience the artists you love.


small speaker with real SA sound


People choose SA aura 1 when they need a small speaker in a very high quality. It gives its user a life-like experience of all kinds of music.


New 2011 catalogue


SA will spoil you


SA saxo is a small family of loudspeakers for the economically concerned film and music lover.


incredible sound from a small speaker


SA aura 10 is designed for people who hear all kinds of music and who wants speakers that can bring the music fully into their home.


small magical speaker


SA mantra 10 is a small speaker that is intended for people who demand great experiences. A music system of good quality will give you this incredible experience with SA mantra 10.


cool design and big sound


It takes up only 20 x 20 cm on your floor, but the elegant SA XP60 fills the room with sound, thanks to the powerful technology behind the discrete exterior.


big sound from a compact speaker


SA mantra 30 is designed for people who want sublime sound experiences from a small loudspeaker. Use it with a music system of a good quality and enjoy the breathtaking experiences.


energy and finesse to your music


SA aura 60 fulfills the dream of a speaker which is both a piece of furniture in wonderful build quality and a music provider that brings you close to the artists you love.


refreshing simplicity


SA aura 30 has the ability to surprise. You see a small floor standing speaker, but you hear a big and breathtaking sound.




SA explorer master stands on the shoulders of SA explorer and sets a new standard for sound experiences.


the new standard


It is no coincidence that SA ranger master is shaped like a discreet exclamation mark. It is supposed to remind you of the joy of closely experiencing music and movies.


come closer to the artists. It is our mantra


SA mantra 60 is a high performance loudspeaker

with all the best we’ve got.

The simple slim-line design houses a powerful and

accurate high performance loudspeaker.


explore. experience. XP.


SA XP30 presents a rare combination of minimalist design

and high quality sound performance.


music system with intelligent simplicity


Simplicity and good sound. That is the essence of the music system SA geyser.

You will find no superfluous decoration and no strange features


cool design meets hot sound


You’d have to search far and wide to find a small

speaker that sounds better than SA jiffy.


a speaker stand full of new ideas and quality


The FS3 speaker stand is everything an ordinary speaker stand isn't.

It’s elegant, practical and has good sound quality.


adjustable stand for centre channel speakers


What do you do if your centre speaker lies flat on your AV furniture, projecting

great sound to your knees but not your ears?


the market's most universal speaker


SA comet represents a different way of thinking about speakers. It can be placed on the wall, on a shelf, a table or the floor – and that's only for starters.


finish overview


See finish range for SA speakers


SA ranger


SA ranger is more than a top-class speaker. It is a beautiful piece of furniture



white is right


black is the hottest in fashion. Allow us to introduce the white speaker … with a glint in our eye


SA exact


durable solutions are always more exact


white SA speakers


conspicuous discretion

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