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how to achieve musicality



sound quality


The sound is the most essential thing for a loudspeaker. However, a loudspeaker is against the natural laws in a way like no of the other appliances in a hi-fi system. In an amplifier, a DVD, or a CD the signal is electrical. Electrons are extremely fast and precise. In the loudspeaker, the sound is created by membranes that are moving and that weigh much more than electrons. The loudspeaker is the slowest appliance of the system.

      faster speakers means a faster system which means
                better sound. At SA we focus on speed

we believe in speed


It is quite vital to work with the speed of loudspeakers when creating better sound. You can hear that a loudspeaker is slow if the bass is boomy and if it sounds as if the bass guitar has only one string. In a slow loudspeaker it is difficult to follow the rhythm in the music, and the voices do not sound clear and natural. It is difficult to keep the attention to the sound.



we use small and lightweight membranes


The membranes in a SA loudspeaker weigh one quarter of a normal piece of paper - or less. A normal loudspeaker membrane weighs at least twice as much. Lightweight membranes react very fast and reveals myriads of sound details, for which a big membrane is simply too heavy. This gives a more live experience. But how do you get bass out of a small membrane?


                  drive units using lightweight membranes
             responds more accurate to the electrical signal

the membranes can move longer


The ability of reproducing bass is about the ability to move air. A loudspeaker membrane does not have to be big. A small membrane can move just as much air as a big membrane – it just has to move longer, but in return it will do it more precisely because it is lighter. The speed and precision mean that the bass reproduction becomes more dynamic and it is easier to follow the rhythm in the music. And easy to keep the attention to the sound. 


natural membrane materials


SA loudspeakers use drive units with natural membrane materials like e.g. paper, wood fibres, or textile. Hundreds of listening tests have taught us that these materials give the best sound. This also shows that even the technological fashion requires that loudspeaker membranes should be made from exotic materials, SA chooses to go for the sound.


         all SA speakers are using natural membrane materials  

      mechanical stability is vital for top performance speakers


mechanical stability


A loudspeaker is a “mechanical appliance” that converts an electrical signal into vibrations in the air. Vibrations of just a few tenths of a millimetre mean loss of vital information. Therefore it is vital to ensure mechanical stability. Information that disappears can never be brought back.




Complexity stands in the way of the message – also in loudspeakers. Different drive units and many components cannot create living sound, because the sound quality decreases each time; it has to pass extra components. Seen on the outside, complexity can seem fascinating, but it seldom serves a purpose. SA loudspeakers are simple seen from a technological point of view, which, in fact, has been complicated to achieve. Read more under ”information” in the article ”New technology that benefits the sound”.

Simplicity is achieved through attention to details.



the purpose of a SA loudspeaker is clearly described. There is focus on important details, leaving no room for unwanted complexity


we believe in thoroughness


We may not introduce new SA loudspeakers every year. It takes time to create a new SA. Many details might not be visible, but they can be heard. Putting the entire small differences together and we achieve great progress.