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how to achieve integration



better sound dispersion


Integration is about the loudspeakers ability to function in the real world.
Drive units with small membranes have a better sound dispersion than big membranes. That is pure physics. Therefore a loudspeaker with small membranes will be better at filling the room with sound and you do not need to sit right in front of the speakers in order to enjoy the sound. Several System Audio loudspeakers have even taken one step further.


MTM – technology (d´Appolito)


MTM means that the tweeter is placed between two (or four) woofers. This sophisticated acoustic principle makes it easier to integrate the loudspeaker in the acoustics of the living room. In most living rooms the ceiling and the floor are completely even surfaces that give many reflections of the sound. This makes the sound imprecise. MTM reduces the loudspeaker’s radiation of the sound towards the ceiling and floor and improves the sound.



SA uses the acoustics of the room


Normally, loudspeakers should not be placed close to the walls of a room, because this will lead to some unfavourable acoustic interference. It creates a sharp contrast to the fact that most loudspeakers are, in fact, placed exactly there. SA has turned the unfavourable acoustics near the walls to its benefit and prepared the loudspeakers to be placed near the walls. But what about integration to the other appliances of the system?




can be used with all systems


The co-operation between the amplifier of the system and the loudspeakers is vital to obtain good sound. A SA speaker is a so-called ”easy load” to the amplifier of the system, which, in practice, means that SA can be used with any quality system. The expression ”easy load” means that the impedance of the loudspeaker is even and that the phase of the loudspeaker has fewer variations than normal. It improves the sound of the amplifier remarkably if the loudspeakers are easy to drive.



magnetic shielding


A great deal of SA’s loudspeakers is magnetically shielded which makes them easier to integrate in the arrangement of the living room. The shielding makes it possible to place the loudspeaker close to a TV or a computer. Loudspeakers without shielding will discolour the picture on the screen if they are placed to close to it. With shielded loudspeakers you do not risk to erase your videotapes or credit cards if you place them on top of the loudspeakers.







magnetic shielding of a loudspeaker protects sensitive electronics such as the TV. Furthermore, it focuses the magnetic field making the drive unit more effective.


easy to use in a home theatre system


In a home theatre system it is important that all the loudspeakers sound identical. So why not make them identical? Several of Audio’s loudspeakers can be used as both center, front and rear speakers. All SA loudspeakers are created on the same sound philosophy and can be combined as you please. You have more than 200 possibilities...



accessories that match


A compact loudspeaker can be freely placed anywhere. SA has made it easy to use this freedom because all our compact loudspeakers are prepared for application of wall brackets, ceiling brackets or floor stands.



it is almost painful to discover that two products that are supposed to work together don´t match. SA´s accesories has put an end to the headache




integration is about the product´s ability to function in the real world.


intended as furniture


In order to function in the living room, a loudspeaker must be a piece of furniture. It must be available in finishes that match the other furniture of the room. It must be made in such a high quality that it deserves a central placement in the living room because it has an important function: it gives access to the sound of the music or movies we love.